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in the pursuit of education based activities.

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Individual Award

This application process is open to any individual who lives in the Borough of Basingstoke & Deane; is or was a student of Queen Mary’s College, Basingstoke.

Aldworth’s Educational Trust

Basingstoke has another educational charity, which makes grants from a legacy left in 1646 by Richard Aldworth, who was a prominent business man in London. His mother was from Basingstoke and although the charity has changed over the years, the Trustees continue to meet and make grants to young people with educational needs.

To qualify, applicants must be in financial need, have needs that are broadly educational and be aged 25 or under. They must have a Basingstoke & Deane connection. They may be at school or college in the Borough, or they used to be at school or college here. Or they may have been, or are now resident in the Borough of Basingstoke and Deane.
Apply to the Clerk to the Trustees. 25 Cromwell Road, Basingstoke RG21 5NR.

C.B. Evans Law Award
Christopher Evans

This award, first made in 2017, is an annual award for students of QMC studying Law. The award is made to two individuals, one each from the A Level Law and BTEC Law Extended Diploma cohort respectively.

The recipient of this award will have received their nomination for producing excellent work, will have overcome personal obstacles or difficulties in pursuit of their study, or have embarked on activities outside of the college and course requirements to broaden their understanding in the field of Law.

The award has been named in recognition of Mr. Christopher B Evans’ 25 years of service as a Trustee, and current Chairman of the Foundation, who has a keen interest in the subject. He is a native of Basingstoke and past Mayor.

This years winners of the C.B. Evans Law Award shield were Mr. Austin Attridge and Mr Nik Plamadyala.

Previous winners Mr. Liam Bird and Mr. Jonathon Dias Santos in 2017.

The Brian Edney Art Award
Brian Edney
1909 – 2000

Brian Edney was a former student of Queen Mary’s Grammar School at a time when Queen Mary’s was located on Worting Road, Basingstoke. He lived and worked in Basingstoke throughout his entire life contributing to, and serving, the town in his work for local associations and charities, Queen Mary’s Foundation was one such charity of which he was a Trustee.
He was an artist of local fame in both water colour and oils. He also was, for a time, the President of the Basingstoke Art Club. Most of his work is in private hands scattered around Basingstoke
As a means of perpetuating his memory, and marking his contribution to life in Basingstoke, an annual award in his name was instituted in 2003 to encourage work of a high standard by young artists of the College.

  • Each year the Queen Mary’s College Foundation makes an award for outstanding work by a final year student of the College Art Department.
  • An award of £300 is made annually to the winner, the runner up will be awarded £200.
  • The prize is awarded to the student judged to have produced the highest standard of work in their final year at the College. It is judged by the tutors of Queen Mary’s College Art Department.
  • The winning work, and that of the runner up, will be exhibited at the College as part of the exhibition for departing students and a plaque will be displayed by the works to identify the artist as an award recipient.

The Willis Award
George Willis

The Willis Award is an annual award made to Queen Mary’s College library in memory of George Willis. The first Willis Award in 1970 saw the Trustees bequeath the ‘Willis Collection’ of books to the college library. The donation was made to commemorate the life and work of George Willis, who was both a pupil and Trustee of Queen Mary’s Grammar School. In his lifetime he was a local Justice of the Peace, Mayor of Basingstoke and both Trustee and Chairman of Queen Mary’s College Foundation for over 25 years. As a memorial the Trustees agreed to continue to add to the college book collection from time to time and in 1990 this became an annual monetary award. It continues to assist in supporting the library services offered to the students of the college and the wider community with a proviso that from the annual award at least one actual book of historical value is purchased.

The L.A. Nutt Award
Leslie Nutt
1915 – 1992

Leslie Nutt served as a Trustee of Queen Mary’s Foundation for 25 years and had a special interest in helping young people with circumstantial or enduring personal difficulties.

The award is presented, in his name, to a pupil of Queen Mary’s College who is deemed to have shown resilience and courage in their pursuit of education.

They need not necessarily be an exceptional learner but someone who has shown measurable progression and an ongoing desire to succeed. This is an annual monetary award to purchase items of assistance to benefit the individual in their educational, and personal, goals.

The award recipient for 2018 is Miss Sarah-Louise Saywood.

Knowledge is power

Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.
Kofi Annan

Intellectual growth

should commence at birth and cease only at death.
Albert Einstein

Develop a passion

for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.
Anthony J. D’Angelo

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