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Apply For A Grant

You’re eligible to apply for a grant if you are either:

You will need to demonstrate

The fullest possible details of the costs you will incur on the project
A complete list of income and savings available to meet these costs.
Details of the efforts that you (and, if relevant, your parents or guardians) have made to contribute to the cost
The benefits you expect to gain from the the investment and how this might in turn help others

Applying for a grant

So the first thing to do would be to download our guideline for applicants for more information. This will help you see what’s needed.

Then, download the application form below that best suits your situation. If you have any questions along the way, please get in touch.

In 2018, we gave away around £29,000 worth of grants and awards and want to continue to help as many young people as we can can to improve their opportunities.

Start your journey of improvement today…


Application for Funding – age 19+ years of age.
19 years +

16-18 YEARS

Application for Funding – aged 16 to 18 years old.


Application for Funding – aged under 16 years old.
Under 16
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