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BCoT Engagement Programme Packs A Punch

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QMC Foundation has helped a wide range of students in its history. As well as projects within QMC itself, we have supported students from across the borough in their pursuit of personal improvement in education-based activities.

This funding is sometimes for QMC departments, sometimes individuals, but also projects working with partners across the town.

One such project that has recently gained funding from the trust is an engagement programme with BCoT, which once again proves that many young people in Basingstoke face very different challenges when it comes to education.

boxing with BCOT

Within the Specialist Provision and Foundation Learning Department of BCoT, there are a number of young people with a range of additional needs, including emotional, social, behavioural, mental health and learning difficulties.

As part of their programme of education, they have looked to provide a range of activities, one of which is regular sessions at a local boxing gym. These sessions engage the young people in their education as well as help to promote healthy lifestyles and working as a team.

It’s worth remembering that a large majority of these young people have been out of education for some time, and none of them has the opportunity to take part in activities such as these outside of college.

The sessions are already demonstrating increased attendance and improved behaviour and engagement, as well as keeping students away from anti-social and criminal behaviour. The sessions have also given the students positive male role models to help express themselves in a less formal environment, something so many of us can take for granted.

We’re not only pleased to be supporting BCoT with this project, but are also proud of the initiative itself and the way it is helping young people in ways that transcend traditional forms of education alone.